Located on the edge of the city’s old town, it dates back to 1290 and is one of the oldest buildings in all of Germany. The building was originally used as a granary by local farmers and merchants, but over time it became an important cultural centre for Aacheners.

Today, Grashaus stands out among other buildings due to its unique architecture. It features two stories with half-timbered walls and gabled roofs, which give it a distinct medieval look. Inside you can find several rooms filled with antiques from different eras such as furniture, paintings, pottery, and sculptures from centuries past.

The main attraction at Grashaus is its museum, which houses many artefacts related to Aachen’s history, including coins from Roman times and items belonging to Charlemagne, who made his home here in 794 AD before becoming Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Other exhibits include items related to local industry, such as mining tools or traditional crafts like weaving or glass-blowing, which were once practised in this area.

In addition to its museum, Grashaus also hosts various events throughout the year ranging from concerts and lectures to art exhibitions and theatrical performances, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for some culture while visiting Aachen. Its location right next door to City Hall makes it easy for visitors coming into town by train or bus, too.

So if you’re planning a trip to Aachen, be sure not miss out on seeing this historic gem – there’s something here for everyone.