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The story of Explorial

It all started during a city trip a few years ago. The founders Olivier and Levin were together with other friends in the beautiful city of Prague for the weekend.

Together the group discussed what could be done in the city to get to know it better. After much discussion, it was decided that a classic guided tour of the city was out of the question, as it was not interactive enough. The group looked for an active experience and finally found what they were looking for in an Escape Room. The fun and games in the Escape Room were great, but unfortunately the whole thing took place behind closed doors and had nothing to do with the city of Prague. It was a cool experience, but it could have been anywhere in the world and the two of them thought that was a pity. And so the idea for Explorial was born.

Today the startup is a reality. Explorial is the exciting scavenger hunt via app. A great way to explore a city in a new, interactive way and even learn something in the process.

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