Ideal Team Experience

Explorial is the new and fun scavenger hunt with the smartphone.

Team event with Explorial

The app-based scavenger hunt with Explorial through one of the many beautiful cities worldwide is just the right idea for your next group outing.

On the trails you learn interesting facts about a city, partly from the history, but also from the present time. Fun is included as well. Whether you know your way around the city or are just visiting, with Explorial you are guaranteed to get to know the city in a new way.

In addition to outdoor exercise, participants will be entertained by tasks and puzzles. This exciting and unique team experience is guaranteed to be appreciated by the players!

For whom are Explorial trails suitable?

Our trails are perfect for corporate events, team outings, clubs or any other type of groups. Moreover, the trails are also suitable for multilingual groups. Within the same group it is possible that some players play in English and others in other languages.

How does it work?

Choose a city and buy tickets for the desired group size directly in our online store. No set date is necessary for this, our trails can be played at any time, without prior reservation.

The starting documents will be sent by e-mail immediately after purchase. The entry documents contain a game code, which must then be entered into the app by all participating players on the day of the game. Each person needs a smartphone with an active internet connection.

For larger groups we recommend a staggered start: If all participants start staggered in small groups of about 8 people (a distance of 5 minutes is sufficient) the game experience is optimized, because not too many people are at the same place at the same time. All participants complete the same route. Unfortunately, it is not possible to run the route in a different order or to personalize it.

How long does an Explorial trail last?

Approx. 90 – 120 minutes.

However, an Explorial game is not limited in time. The city can be explored at your own pace and breaks can be taken.

Where is the start and finish of a trail located?

This information can be seen on the respective city page.

How short a notice can you give to start an Explorial trail?

No reservation is necessary, the starting documents will be sent immediately after purchase by e-mail. Once you received the documents, the game can be started at any time.

If the planned excursion falls through, the tickets do not expire. They can be redeemed within one year.

How does the ticket purchase work?

The tickets can be easily purchased in our online store. To do this, select the group size in the ticket selection. For example, if you are 23 players, please select the option “25 players (maximum)” and buy the tickets conveniently online.

Alternatively, we also offer payment by invoice for large groups. Please contact us via e-mail: and send us the necessary information, such as billing address and the number of tickets required. We will then gladly issue an invoice including VAT details for you.

Further questions / contact

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

We look forward to welcoming you soon on one of our trails.

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