Perfect team experience

Our trails are suitable for both small and larger groups

For smaller groups

Want to spend time with your loved ones and discover a city in a fun way? With Explorial this is possible.

Our trails are perfect for: Outings with friends or family, birthdays and much more. Explorial is suitable for children ages 10 and up, but younger kids can play alongside their parents.

We recommend a group size between 2-8 players. For larger groups, it makes sense to split into smaller groups to play.

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For companies and clubs

Explorial Trails are ideal for companies and other larger groups. Have fun together while discovering one of the many beautiful cities worldwide!

Our trails are perfect for: Corporate events, team outings or any other type of group.

For school classes

Explorial trails combine learning and knowledge with fun. A bonding team experience within the class and an ideal alternative to a regular school day.

For school classes we offer a special package deal.

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