Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell

At the heart of Nürnberg, a city deeply steeped in history and culture, lies an intriguing piece of public art that has captivated locals and visitors alike for decades. It’s called Hans-Sachs-Brunnen, but is more commonly known as Ehekarussell or Marriage Carousel. This fascinating fountain captures the essence of human relationships through its intricate sculptures and detailed design.

The History

The Hans-Sachs-Brunnen was commissioned by the city of Nürnberg in 1977 to commemorate one of its most famous residents – Hans Sachs. Born in 1494, Sachs was a shoemaker who became a renowned poet and playwright during Germany’s Reformation period. Known for his satirical verses on love and marriage, it is fitting that this monument dedicated to him explores these themes so vividly.

Designed by Jürgen Weber based on Sachs’ poem “Das bittersüße eheliche Leben” (The Bitter-Sweet Married Life), construction began in 1978 with completion three years later in 1981. The fountain consists primarily of bronze figures which have been patinated green; some parts are covered with gold leaf while others are made from blue-green colored steel sheeting.

The Design

Weber’s creation isn’t your typical picturesque fountain; instead it presents an unflinching portrayal of married life stages from young love to death itself. In total there are six different scenes encircling the basin each depicting various aspects within a relationship such as passion, conflict, old age and finally death.

In addition to these frank depictions there are also numerous smaller details hidden throughout the artwork including animals symbolizing different traits like loyalty (dog), fertility (rabbit) or wisdom (owl). These elements add further depth making every visit to this unique landmark potentially revealing something new.

The Controversy

From the moment it was unveiled, the Ehekarussell has been a source of controversy. Its brutally honest depiction of marriage and relationships – from passionate love to bitter disputes, aging and death – shocked many upon its unveiling. Some even called for it to be torn down.

However, over time people have come to appreciate its honesty and complexity. Today it is considered one of Nürnberg’s most significant landmarks, drawing visitors from all over the world who are intrigued by its unique blend of artistry and social commentary.

Visiting Hans-Sachs-Brunnen (Ehekarussell)

Situated in Ludwigplatz square near St Lorenz Church at Nuremberg’s city center, this monumental fountain can’t be missed during your visit. It’s accessible throughout the year without any entry fee making it an affordable stop on any itinerary.

To fully appreciate Weber’s vision take your time exploring each scene; you’ll likely find yourself drawn into contemplating not just Sachs’ poem but also your own experiences with love and life itself!

In Conclusion

Hans-Sachs-Brunnen or Ehekarussell is more than just a fountain – it’s a thought-provoking piece of public art that encapsulates human relationships in their rawest form. Whether you’re fascinated by history or simply want to see some original artwork during your trip to Nürnberg, make sure you don’t miss out on this intriguing landmark.
Whether you’re visiting as part of a cultural tour or simply passing through town on business, make sure to set aside some time for this remarkable attraction – after all there aren’t many places where you can witness such an unflinching portrayal of human nature etched in bronze!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell in Nürnberg?

The Hans-Sachs-Brunnen, also known as the Ehekarussell or Marriage Carousel, is a famous fountain located in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany. It was created by Professor Jürgen Weber based on the poem “Das bittersüße eh’lich Leben” (“The Bittersweet Married Life”) by Hans Sachs. The fountain depicts various stages of married life and has been described as controversial due to its vivid and sometimes grotesque representations.

Where is the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell located and how can I visit it?

The Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell is situated at Ludwigsplatz, near the White Tower (Weißer Turm) in Nuremberg’s city center. You can easily reach it via public transportation: take U1 or U11 metro lines and get off at Weißer Turm station. The fountain itself is an open-air monument so you can visit anytime without any entrance fee. However, please respect local regulations regarding cleanliness and noise levels when visiting.

What does each figure represent in the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell?

The figures on this unique carousel-style fountain depict different stages of marriage life from courtship to old age, including both joys and challenges faced within a marriage journey according to Sachs’ poem interpretation by Weber. Some notable sculptures include young lovers dancing blissfully unaware of future struggles; a heavily pregnant woman with her husband carrying babies symbolizing family growth; an older couple burdened with worries illustrating hardships; ending with skeletal figures representing death parting them.

Why has there been controversy surrounding the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell?

The Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell has been a subject of controversy due to its explicit and raw portrayal of married life. Some argue that the sculptures are too grotesque or negative, focusing on hardships rather than joys in marriage. However, others appreciate its honesty and see it as an artistic interpretation of reality. Regardless, the fountain continues to be a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike.

What other attractions can I visit near the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell in Nürnberg?

Nuremberg offers various historical sites and cultural attractions near the Hans-Sachs-Brunnen Ehekarussell. You may visit St.Lorenz Church, Germanisches Nationalmuseum showcasing German art and culture from prehistoric times to present day; Handwerkerhof – a small crafts yard with traditional German shops; or Hauptmarkt – Nuremberg’s main market square featuring beautiful fountains including Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) with famous golden ring believed to bring good luck when turned.

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