Introduction to Davidwache

If you’re planning a trip to Hamburg, Germany, make sure to include the iconic Davidwache in your itinerary. Situated on the famous Reeperbahn street in St. Pauli district, this historic police station is not just an operational hub for law enforcement but also a significant cultural landmark with over 100 years of history.

A Glimpse into History

The Davidwache was established in 1914 and has been serving as one of the city’s main police stations ever since. The building itself is designed in an elaborate Northern German style known as ‘Jugendstil’, which adds a unique charm to its appearance. Over time, it has witnessed many historical events and societal changes that have shaped modern-day Hamburg.

Architectural Significance

Fritz Schumacher, the renowned architect behind several other notable buildings in Hamburg, designed the Davidwache. His distinctive architectural style blends seamlessly with traditional brick construction typical of northern Germany during that period. The façade features ornate detailing and large windows that give passersby a glimpse into everyday operations at this busy police station.

The Heartbeat of St.Pauli District

Situated right on the bustling Reeperbahn street – famously known as “the most sinful mile” due to its vibrant nightlife scene – Davidwache serves as both protector and observer of this lively neighborhood’s pulse. Its location places it at the heart of various festivals including Hamburger Dom (Hamburg’s largest fair), Schlagermove (a popular music parade) or even FC St.Pauli football matches; all adding up to its rich narrative tapestry.

In Popular Culture

Davidwache isn’t just famous for its historical significance; it also holds a special place in popular culture. The building has been featured in various German films and TV shows, most notably the long-running crime drama series “Großstadtrevier”, which has been on air since 1986. This exposure has made Davidwache an instantly recognizable symbol of Hamburg’s St.Pauli district.

Visiting Davidwache

While you can’t tour the inside of this operational police station, viewing its historic exterior is worth the visit alone. Take a stroll down Reeperbahn street to fully appreciate the unique architecture and vibrant atmosphere that surrounds this iconic landmark. Don’t forget to bring your camera – with its red brick façade and ornate detailing, Davidwache makes for some great photo opportunities!


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique taste of Hamburg’s history blended with modern urban life, don’t miss out on visiting Davidwache during your trip. Whether you’re interested in architecture or simply want to explore one of Hamburg’s most lively districts up close, there’s no doubt that this historic police station will leave an impression.

Frequently asked questions

What is the historical significance of Davidwache in Hamburg?

The Davidwache, officially known as Polizeikommissariat 15, holds a significant place in Hamburg’s history. Established in 1840, it serves as one of Germany’s oldest and most famous police stations. The building itself was constructed between 1913 to 1914 and showcases an expressionist style with Northern German brick Gothic influences. It gained recognition through its frequent appearances in German crime films and television series like “Großstadtrevier”. Its location on the Reeperbahn at St. Pauli makes it responsible for one of Europe’s most infamous entertainment and red-light districts.

Can tourists visit Davidwache?

Yes, tourists can certainly visit Davidwache but should bear in mind that it is a functioning police station first and foremost rather than a tourist attraction. Visitors are allowed to take photographs from outside but entry into the working areas is generally not permitted due to operational reasons unless there happens to be an open day or special event happening.

How do I get to Davidwache?

To reach Davidwache via public transportation, you can use either S-Bahn (S1 or S2) or U-Bahn (U1). Disembark at Reeperbahn Station if using S-Bahn or disembark at St.Pauli Station if using U-Bahn. From both these stations, the police station is just a short walk away.

Is there any cultural significance related to this landmark?

Absolutely! Aside from being featured prominently across various media platforms over decades which has embedded it firmly within popular culture, the architecture of the building itself carries cultural weight too – its unique blend of styles speaks volumes about architectural trends during early-20th-century Hamburg. Moreover, its position in the St.Pauli district, an area renowned for its nightlife and entertainment venues, further amplifies its cultural relevance.

What are some nearby attractions to visit after Davidwache?

The location of Davidwache on the Reeperbahn means you’re already in one of Hamburg’s most vibrant districts. Nearby attractions include Beatles-Platz square dedicated to the legendary band who started their career here; Panoptikum Wax Museum; Grosse Freiheit street famous for nightlife; and Operettenhaus Hamburg featuring musicals. Also within walking distance is the historic harbor area, Landungsbrücken, offering boat tours and stunning views over Elbe River.

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