20 Fun Facts About Gijón

Fun Facts About Gijón

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Discover Fun Facts About Gijón, its rich history and vibrant present. From ancient origins to modern allure, uncover the city’s unique charm.

Explore the enchanting coastal city of Gijón through a whirlwind of captivating anecdotes and surprising revelations. Uncover the hidden gems and fascinating trivia that make Gijón a treasure trove of unique experiences. From its rich maritime history to its vibrant cultural scene, prepare to be enthralled by a collection of fun facts that paint a vivid picture of this Spanish haven. Join us as we dive head first into the heart of Gijón and unveil the lesser-known aspects that make it a true playground for curious minds and adventurous spirits.

Some history background about Gijón

Gijón, nestled along the northern coast of Spain, boasts a rich historical tapestry that dates back to ancient times. The area was first settled by the Celts and later became a significant Roman port known as “Gigia.” During the Middle Ages, Gijón experienced Moorish invasions and subsequent reconquests by Christian rulers. The city flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries due to maritime trade and shipbuilding. In the 19th century, Gijón underwent industrialization, transforming into a bustling hub for coal mining and steel production.

The Spanish Civil War left its mark as the city remained a Republican stronghold until its fall in 1937. Gijón’s post-war recovery was marked by urban expansion, cultural development, and a renewed focus on tourism, firmly establishing it as a vibrant and diverse modern city with a captivating historical backdrop.

20 Fun Facts About Gijón

  1. Gijón hosted the 2009 Surfing World Championship, attracting wave riders from across the globe.
  2. The Elogio del Horizonte sculpture offers breathtaking panoramic views from the hilltop vantage point.
  3. Enjoy a sip of “sidra,” Gijón’s traditional cider, poured with a unique high-reaching technique.
  4. Revive history at the Roman Baths of Campo Valdés, showcasing ancient thermal baths from the 1st century.
  5. Santa Catalina Headland displays remnants of a fortress, guarding the city against pirates and invaders.
  6. Jardín Botánico Atlántico boasts a stunning collection of over 30,000 plant species, perfect for nature enthusiasts.
  7. Gijón International Film Festival celebrates cinematic excellence, featuring acclaimed movies and filmmakers.
  8. Witness the Cerro Sta Catalina Festival, where fireworks and music light up the night sky in August.
  9. Gijón’s Museo Evaristo Valle showcases the captivating artworks of the Asturian painter and sculptor.
  10. Discover the whimsical “Estatua de Pelayo,” an iconic bronze statue portraying the city’s legendary founder.
  11. Gijón’s Playa de San Lorenzo offers sandy shores, azure waters, and a bustling promenade for a day of relaxation.
  12. The Universidad Laboral de Gijón is one of Spain’s largest buildings and now houses a cultural and artistic center.
  13. Cimavilla, the old fishermen’s quarter, features narrow streets, colorful houses, and lively seafood restaurants.
  14. The Enclave Square hosts vibrant markets and artisan fairs, showcasing local crafts and delicacies.
  15. Palacio de Revillagigedo, a stately palace, now serves as a cultural space for exhibitions and events.
  16. Gijón Aquarium, the Cantabrian Sea’s window, delights visitors with marine life and interactive displays.
  17. Join the annual Semana Negra, a festival celebrating crime fiction, music, and cultural diversity.
  18. The Monumento a la Madre del Emigrante pays homage to Gijón’s emigrants and their global contributions.
  19. Plaza Mayor becomes a hub of festivities during Christmas, adorned with lights, decorations, and joyful spirit.
  20. Explore Evaristo Valle Sculpture Park, an outdoor gallery showcasing sculptures amid lush greenery and landscapes.

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