A Picture Perfect Guide: The Top 10 Photo Spots in Lille

Bonjour, fellow travelers and shutterbugs! Today, we’re heading to the charming city of Lille, nestled in Northern France. Rich with history, bursting with culture, and overflowing with stunning architecture, Lille is a photographer’s dream come true. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 of the best photo spots in Lille that will make your Instagram feed pop and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Here are the top 10 photo spots in Lille

1. The Vibrant Vieux Lille (Old Town)

Vieux Lille is an enchanting place where history meets charm. The narrow cobbled streets, lined with colorful Flemish architecture, create a picturesque setting perfect for capturing the essence of Lille. Don’t miss the Place aux Oignons, a quaint square surrounded by charming boutiques and lively cafes. Wander through the alleys, and capture the unique details that make Vieux Lille truly special.

2. The Iconic Grand Place

The heart of Lille, Grand Place, is a historical hub that boasts an array of stunning architecture, such as the Vieille Bourse and the Opera House. The square is constantly buzzing with activity, making it an ideal location to capture Lille’s vibrant atmosphere. For the best lighting, visit during golden hour when the sunlight casts a warm glow on the buildings. Try capturing panoramic shots or experiment with different angles to create a unique perspective.

A Picture Perfect Guide: The Top 10 Photo Spots in Lille

3. La Porte de Paris (The Paris Gate)

La Porte de Paris is a magnificent triumphal arch that commemorates Louis XIV’s victory in Lille. This architectural gem offers various vantage points for photographers. Consider capturing its intricate details or framing the arch with the surrounding trees for a stunning composition.

4. Palais des Beaux-Arts

The Palais des Beaux-Arts is one of France’s largest museums and a treasure trove of artistic inspiration. The grand staircase leading up to the entrance creates a dramatic backdrop for your photos. Once inside, the vast collection of art and the stunning architecture provide countless opportunities to capture the essence of this cultural gem.

A Picture Perfect Guide: The Top 10 Photo Spots in Lille

5. Lille’s Hidden Courtyards

One of Lille’s best-kept secrets is its hidden courtyards, which can be found tucked away behind the city’s historic buildings. These serene spaces offer a unique glimpse into Lille’s past and are perfect for intimate, atmospheric shots. Some of the most picturesque courtyards include the Cour de la Monnaie and the Hôtel d’Aigremont.

6. The Quai du Wault

The Quai du Wault is a serene riverside spot that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city center. The calm water provides beautiful reflections of the surrounding buildings and trees, making it ideal for landscape photography. Visit during sunrise or sunset for the most dramatic lighting.

A Picture Perfect Guide: The Top 10 Photo Spots in Lille

7. Saint Maurice Church

This stunning gothic church is a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts. The soaring spires and intricate stained glass windows offer numerous opportunities for striking compositions. Don’t forget to step inside to capture the magnificent interior and explore the church’s unique features.

8. Euralille

Euralille presents a contrasting modern face of Lille, with its impressive skyscrapers, contemporary art installations, and bustling shopping areas. Experiment with wide-angle shots to capture the scale of the buildings and look for interesting patterns and reflections in the glass facades.

9. The Citadel of Lille

The star-shaped Citadel of Lille is a stunning example of military architecture, set within a lush park. Emphasize the structure’s symmetry in your compositions and explore the surrounding park for beautiful nature shots, including the resident swans and ducks.

10. The Colorful Wazemmes Market

The lively Wazemmes Market is a feast for the senses, teeming with vibrant colors, diverse textures, and an array of enticing smells. This bustling market provides an opportunity to capture the local life, from vendors selling fresh produce and flowers to street musicians creating a joyful atmosphere. The best time to photograph is in the morning when the market is busiest and the light is most flattering.

Extra: What’s the best way to explore Lille?

If you’re looking for a unique and engaging way to explore the beautiful city of Lille, look no further than our interactive tour! This tour is perfect for all ages and is designed to take you on a journey through the city’s fascinating history, culture, and hidden gems.

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But this tour is not just about sightseeing – as you explore the city, you’ll also be solving riddles and answering questions that will lead you to discover Lille’s hidden gems. You’ll learn fascinating facts about the city’s history and culture, and most importantly, you’ll have fun while doing it!

The tour is self-guided, so you can start and finish it at your own pace, and take as many breaks as you like. It’s designed to take around 2 hours to complete, but you can take as long as you need. This tour is perfect for families, friends, and solo travelers who want to explore Lille in a unique and exciting way. So why not embark on an adventure through Lille’s charming streets and discover all that this beautiful city has to offer?

From the charming streets of Vieux Lille to the modern lines of Euralille, exploring Lille through your lens reveals the diverse beauty of this vibrant city. These photo spots offer a blend of history, culture, architecture, and local life, giving you a well-rounded impression of Lille. So, pick up your camera and start exploring these stunning locations. And remember, the best photo spot is often the one you discover yourself!


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