The Roman Zaragoza

Located on the banks of the Ebro River, it was once a major city for the Romans and today serves as an important reminder of their legacy. Built by Julius Caesar in 25 BC, this site has been inhabited since then and still contains many ruins from its original construction. From its grand amphitheatre to its awe-inspiring aqueducts, there are plenty of fascinating sights to explore here.

One must-see attraction at Roman Zaragoza is La Seo Cathedral. This stunning cathedral was built between 1120 and 1150 AD and has stood strong ever since. It’s home to numerous works of art, including sculptures, frescoes and stained-glass windows that depict scenes from both history and religion. Visitors can also take a tour inside La Seo’s bell tower, which offers breathtaking views over the city below.

Another highlight at Roman Zaragoza is Aljaferia Palace – a Moorish fortress dating back to 880 AD that now houses several museums dedicated to local history such as archaeology, fine arts and military history among others. The palace grounds are also worth exploring, with gardens featuring ponds filled with colourful carp fish, as well as fountains adorned with statues depicting mythical creatures like dragons or griffins.

For those looking for something more modern yet still steeped in history, head down Calle de la Magdalena where you’ll find some beautiful examples of Baroque architecture such as Casa Pignatelli or Palacio del Infantado – two buildings constructed during the 17th century that have remained intact until today. There’s no better way to end your day than enjoying a traditional dinner at one of Zaragoza’s many restaurants while admiring these amazing structures illuminated against the night sky.

Roman Zaragoza provides visitors with an incredible opportunity to experience what life was like centuries ago when it served as an important hub for trade between Rome and Iberia Peninsula under the rule of Emperor Augustus, who declared it “the most noble city on earth”.

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