San Felipe Square

It was originally constructed as a military parade ground in the 16th century and has since become an important public space for locals and visitors alike.

The square is named after King Philip II of Spain, who had it built during his reign from 1556-1598. The main feature of San Felipe Square is its large fountain at the centre, which was designed by architect Juan de Herrera in 1583. This impressive structure stands over 20 feet tall and features several sculptures depicting scenes from Greek mythology, including Hercules fighting Antaeus. The surrounding area consists of cobblestone pathways lined with trees and benches for visitors to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this unique spot.

In addition to its historical significance, San Felipe Square also serves as an important cultural hub for Zaragoza residents today. Every Sunday morning there are free concerts held here featuring traditional Spanish music performed by local musicians on acoustic instruments like guitars or violins. There are also a variety of street performers such as jugglers or mimes who entertain passers-by throughout the day.

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