Holy Rosary Cathedral

Located on Richards Street between Dunsmuir and Georgia Streets, it has been a cherished part of the city for over 120 years. The cathedral was built in 1899 as a Roman Catholic church and served as the spiritual home to many generations of local Catholics who have prayed there ever since.

The building itself is an architectural marvel that combines elements from both Gothic Revival and Romanesque styles. It features soaring spires, intricate stained glass windows, ornate sculptures, and beautiful stone carvings throughout its interior and exterior walls. There are also several stunning paintings by renowned Canadian artists such as Emily Carr which adorn the walls inside Holy Rosary Cathedral.

The history behind this magnificent structure dates back to 1891 when Archbishop Paul Durieu invited French-Canadian architect Pierre Lortie to design what would become Holy Rosary Cathedral. Construction began shortly after with funds donated by members of Vancouver’s Catholic community at the time but it wasn’t until 1899 that it was officially opened for worship services led by Bishop Augustin Dontenwill from Quebec City who blessed the new building during its dedication ceremony held on May 28th that year.

Since then, Holy Rosary has gone through several restorations including one major renovation project completed in 1989 which saw much needed repairs made to its roofing system while keeping true to its original architecture style so beloved by locals today. This beautiful landmark continues to be an important place of worship for those living within or visiting Greater Vancouver area where masses are still celebrated every Sunday morning at 10:30am followed by other special events like weddings or baptisms throughout each year too.

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