Porto Cathedral [Sé do Porto]

It stands as one of the most important religious monuments in the country and its history dates back to 1110 when it was first established by Bishop Hugo.

The current building has undergone several renovations over the centuries and now features an eclectic mix of architectural styles from Romanesque to Gothic and Baroque. Its impressive façade is made up of two towers – one square bell tower, which dates back to 12th century; and a round tower that was added during 18th century renovations – while its interior contains some beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from Jesus’ life.

Inside, you can also find tombs belonging to members of Portugal’s royal family, including King Afonso IV, who died here in 1357. Other notable features include a 16th-century organ with 2,000 pipes, an altar adorned with gold leaf decorations and a crypt containing relics such as Saint Vincent’s arm bone.

The cathedral also houses numerous works of art, including sculptures by Nicolau Nasoni (who designed many buildings throughout Porto) as well as paintings by Josefa de Óbidos and Manuel dos Santos Pacheco, among others. There are even fragments from various Roman structures scattered around the church grounds, suggesting that this site may have been used for worship prior to its establishment as a Christian temple.

Visitors will be able to explore this historic monument on their own or take part in guided tours where they can learn more about its fascinating past.

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