Juliet Capulet Statue

Located in the city centre of Munich, this bronze statue pays homage to one of the most famous literary couples of all time: Romeo and Juliet.

The story behind the statue dates back to 1871 when artist Ludwig Schwanthaler was commissioned by King Maximilian II to create a sculpture depicting Shakespeare’s tragic lovers. The resulting piece is an incredibly lifelike representation that shows Juliet standing with her hands clasped together, as if pleading for mercy from fate or praying for Romeo’s safe return.

Though many visitors come here simply for its beauty, there are also some interesting historical facts about this monument worth noting. For instance, at the base of the statue you can find two inscriptions: one written in German which reads “Ewig war die Liebe der beiden unsterblich gemacht durch Shakespeares Worte (Love between them was made immortal by Shakespeare’s words)” and another written in Latin which translates into “Let no man disturb their eternal peace”. This inscription serves as a reminder that even though these two characters were fictional, they still had an impact on our culture and history today.

In addition, every year on Valentine’s Day thousands flock to this spot hoping for some good luck so that their love will last forever like Romeo & Juliet’s did – despite all odds.

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