Malaga Cathedral

Located in the heart of Malaga city, this beautiful cathedral has been standing since 1528 and serves as one of the most important monuments in the area.

The history behind Malaga Cathedral goes back to 1490 when construction began on what was intended to be a grand Gothic church. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties and political unrest at that time, only half of it was completed before work stopped altogether. Despite its incomplete nature, it still stands today as an impressive testament to both Spanish culture and history.

The exterior façade is made up of two distinct styles: Isabelline Gothic and Renaissance Baroque. The Isabelline Gothic style can be seen in elements such as pointed arches, while the Renaissance Baroque style comes through with features like decorative columns and ornate carvings on its doors and windowsills. Inside you’ll find an interior filled with grandiose chapels adorned with frescoes from famous artists such as Alonso Cano who painted “The Assumption” for one chapel’s altarpiece in 1658. Other highlights include a collection of artwork from notable painters like Murillo; a large organ built by Francisco de Soto which dates back to 1782; several tombs containing remains from historical figures; and even an ancient crypt beneath the main altar where visitors can explore archaeological artefacts unearthed during recent excavations around Malaga Cathedral grounds.

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