Rihour Palace

Built between 1366 and 1402 by Count Louis de Flanders, this grand structure was originally a fortress before it became a royal palace. Today, Rihour Palace stands as an important reminder of French history and culture.

The palace itself is quite majestic; its architecture features Gothic-style towers which are surrounded by two large courtyards. Inside the main building, visitors can explore many ornate rooms that were once used for entertaining guests or conducting business with visiting dignitaries. The walls are adorned with remarkable tapestries depicting scenes from medieval life, while the ceilings feature beautiful stained-glass windows which cast colourful light throughout the interior spaces.

In addition to its architectural beauty, Rihour Palace also holds great historical importance as it served as an important political centre during the reigns of several French kings including Charles V and Louis XIV. During these times, much of Europe’s politics were conducted within its walls – making it one of France’s most influential landmarks during the Renaissance period.

Today, visitors to Rihour Palace have plenty to explore both inside and outside its walls – from viewing ancient artefacts housed within its museum to admiring stunning works of art displayed in various galleries around the site, such as paintings by Rubens and Van Dyck among others. Additionally, there are guided tours available for those who wish to learn more about this incredible monument’s past or simply enjoy some peaceful moments taking in all that it has to offer – including breathtaking views over Lille’s old town streets below.

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