St. Michael’s church

Michael’s Church in Hamburg is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, with a history stretching back to the 12th century. Located in the heart of Hamburg’s old town, St. Michael’s has been an integral part of the city for centuries and continues to be a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The church was first built as a Romanesque chapel around 1150 AD by Count Adolf IV von Schauenburg, who wanted it to serve as his family chapel and burial site. The original building was destroyed during a fire in 1201, but it was quickly rebuilt – this time as an impressive Gothic structure that stands today. In 1510, St Michael’s became an independent parish church when it separated from its mother parish of Saint Peter’s Church nearby.

Over the years, St Michael’s has seen many changes both inside and out; most notably during World War II, when much of its interior decoration was destroyed or damaged beyond repair due to bombing raids on Hamburg. After extensive restoration work following the war, however, much of its former glory has been restored, including some beautiful stained-glass windows which were added in 1948-49 depicting scenes from Jesus’ life story according to Lutheran tradition.

Today, visitors can explore not only the stunning architecture but also learn about St Michaels’ long history through guided tours which are available throughout summer months (April – October). Inside you will find numerous works of art including sculptures commissioned by King Frederick I Barbarossa along with several altars dating back hundreds of years ago such as ‘The Altar Of Our Lady’ which dates back to 1620AD. Additionally, there is also a museum located within where visitors can discover more about how this historical landmark came into being over 800 years ago.

In conclusion, St Michael’s Church is definitely worth visiting if you ever find yourself in Hamburg; whether it be just for sightseeing or even attending one of their regular services held each Sunday at 10:30am – 2pm (depending on season).

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