Square of the Cisterns

One of the most interesting places to visit in Granada is the Square of the Cisterns (Plaza de las Cuevas). Located near the Alhambra palace complex, this square was once an important part of life for Muslims living in Granada during medieval times.

The Square of the Cisterns dates back to the 11th century, when it was used as a public space by Muslim families who lived around it. During this time, there were several wells dug into one side of the square that provided water for people living nearby. The cisterns were also used to store food and other supplies, which could be accessed through small openings at street level.

In 1238, after Christian forces conquered Granada from Islamic rule, they built two churches on either side of what is now known as Plaza de las Cuevas: Santa Maria la Real and San Nicolas el Grande. These churches are still standing today and have become popular tourist attractions due to their unique architecture and rich history.

Over time, many changes have been made to Plaza de las Cuevas, but its original purpose remains intact – providing access to clean water for local residents and visitors alike. Today, you can find a few restaurants located around the perimeter where you can enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine while admiring views over Granada’s skyline, or simply take some time out from your sightseeing tour with a cup of coffee or tea under one of its shady trees.

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