Gastown Steam Clock


The Gastown Steam Clock is a popular tourist attraction located in the historic neighborhood of Gastown in Vancouver, Canada. It is a steam-powered clock that chimes on the hour and is one of the only operating steam clocks in the world. The clock was built in 1977 by local clockmaker Raymond Saunders to cover a steam grate and to add to the historic ambiance of the Gastown neighborhood.

The clock is powered by a small steam engine that runs on natural gas. The steam is used to power a set of gears, which in turn power the clock’s hands and chimes. The clock also features a set of whistles that play a different tune on the quarter-hour.

The clock is made of copper and brass and stands at about 4 meters high. The clock face is about 1 meter in diameter and features Roman numerals, with the clock hands being made of brass. The clock is surrounded by a metal fence, which serves as a barrier to protect it from accidental damage.

The clock is located on the corner of Cambie and Water Street in Gastown, and is a popular spot for visitors and locals alike. It is a great spot to take a picture and also to enjoy the street performers that are frequently around it. The clock is also surrounded by many shops and restaurants, making it a great place to spend some time while exploring the neighborhood.

In conclusion, The Gastown Steam Clock is an iconic attraction in Vancouver that is a must-see for visitors and locals alike. The clock’s unique design and operation make it a fascinating attraction that showcases the city’s history and culture. The clock’s location in the historic neighborhood of Gastown makes it a great spot to explore the area’s shops, restaurants, and architecture. Visitors can also learn more about the clock’s history and operation at the Steam Clock Museum.

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