Zum Schlüssel Brewery

The brewery has been producing quality brews since 1654 and is one of the oldest breweries in Germany.

The history of Zum Schlüssel Brewery dates back to its original founding by Johann Schreiber, who purchased an inn with a small brewery attached to it on the banks of the Rhine River. From there, the business flourished and grew into one of Germany’s leading brewers. Throughout its long history, Zum Schlüssel has remained under family ownership; today it is run by fourth generation brewer Johannes Schreiber III and his son Johannes IV.

Zum Schlüssel specializes in traditional German beers such as Altbier (a dark ale), Kölsch (a light lager) and Pilsner (an amber lager). All are brewed using only natural ingredients according to strict German purity laws that date back to 1516 — no preservatives or artificial additives are used whatsoever. Visitors can sample these tasty brews at their taproom located near historic Old Town Square, or take home a bottle from their shop next door.

In addition to brewing beer, Zum Schlüssel also offers tours which provide visitors with an insight into how traditional German beer is made. During these tours you will have an opportunity to explore their ancient cellars where some recipes have been passed down through generations unchanged. You may even get lucky enough to try samples straight from the barrel if available during your visit.

Finally, don’t forget about trying out some delicious food pairings while you’re visiting: every Friday night, they host live music events accompanied by hearty snacks like sausages and pretzels — all perfect accompaniments for any type of beer.

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