Saint Mary’s House

This amazing building is the oldest in all of Cascais, dating back to the 15th century. It was constructed by King John I of Portugal as a summer residence for his daughter Isabel and her husband Philip the Bold of Burgundy.

The house itself is an architectural masterpiece, with its two-story stone walls and beautiful blue tile roof. Inside, visitors will find many interesting artifacts from different eras, such as 16th-century furniture and 18th-century paintings. The house also contains a chapel that was dedicated to Our Lady of Hope (Nossa Senhora da Esperança).

Saint Mary’s House has had quite an interesting history over the years; it served as a home for Spanish royalty during their occupation from 1704 until 1808 when Napoleon invaded Portugal. During this time period, it was known as “Casa de la Reina” or Queen’s House due to its association with Queen Maria I who lived there during her exile in France following Napoleon’s invasion. After she returned to Lisbon in 1821, Saint Mary’s House became property of the Portuguese government until it was purchased by Countess Bernadotte de Lavalette in 1865 who then restored it into its current state today.

Today Saint Mary’s House serves not only as a museum but also hosts various events throughout the year such as concerts and art exhibitions open to both locals and tourists alike.

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