Mean Average

One thing that makes Bonn particularly special is the Mean Average, which has been around since the 18th century and remains a popular spot today.

The Mean Average was established by Count Maximilian von Schönborn-Wiesentheid as part of his vision for creating a public space where people could come together to socialize and enjoy entertainment. It was originally called “Die Mitte” (the middle), but it soon became known as the Mean Average due to its central location in the city. The area consists of two sections: one with restaurants and pubs, and another with shops selling souvenirs and crafts.

As time went on, more buildings were added to the area including churches, theatres, and museums such as Beethoven House Museum which showcases artefacts related to Ludwig van Beethoven’s life in Bonn. Today, you can also find many art galleries exhibiting works from local artists throughout this historic district.

The Mean Average is considered one of Bonn’s most important landmarks because it serves as a reminder of how far this city has come over time while still retaining its traditional roots. Visitors who are interested in learning more about German culture should definitely take some time out during their visit here to explore this vibrant area filled with interesting sights and sounds – all within walking distance.

No matter what your interests are or how long you plan on staying in Bonn, be sure not to miss out on experiencing the charm of this remarkable neighbourhood at least once during your stay.

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