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Our mission

The Central Outdoor Group, which owns the two brands Foxtrail and Explorial, is launching a large-scale crowdinvesting campaign!

Explorial: the global format

The crowdinvesting campaign is intended to support Explorial’s ambitious global growth strategy! After the product of the self-guided interactive city tour has been tested and fine-tuned in various countries over the past 18 months, Explorial will now be rolled out further globally. The Explorial app has already recorded over 65,000 downloads and can currently be played worldwide with 145 tours in 21 countries.

Foxtrail: the popular original

Foxtrail, the original kind of leisure activity for the local population or supporting programme for corporate events, now exists in 8 countries with over 90 trails and over 170,000 participants annually. With the crowdfunding campaign, we would like to renew the Foxtrail product portfolio in Bern and Basel, advance digitalisation and connect new distribution systems.

That's why you should become a co-owner:

Join us and support our project!

You are part of the leisure revolution!

You are part of the start-up Explorial, the interactive self-guided gaming city tour, and help to achieve the ambitious global growth strategy

You support Foxtrail, the number 1 in the Swiss market, in portfolio revision and further development

You receive additional benefits, cool bonuses and many insights

The most important questions about the crowdinvesting


Crowdinvesting is an innovative method of raising capital for companies through the crowd: many people (the “crowd”) invest smaller amounts in a company and receive something in return. At the same time, crowdinvesting is also a good way to get the community more involved and let them actively participate in the company’s success. This gives you the opportunity to buy shares and support us in our growth strategy.

We see crowdfunding as a unique opportunity to let our community actively participate in the further success story and to turn fans into promoters. We want to continue to drive Explorial’s growth strategy, completely overhaul the Foxtrail product portfolio in Bern and Basel, and further develop digitalization and sales platforms.

It’s very simple:

  • Go to the website of
  • Click “Register” and enter your email address
  • Click on “Invest” on the Foxtrail Campaign page
  • Enter the desired investment amount. The minimum amount is CHF 450 for 50 shares. After that the number of shares is freely selectable.
  • Click on “Continue” and “Confirm investment”.
  • After that you will receive all instructions by email and you need to do the following:
    – Upload a valid passport or ID to your Conda user profile.
    – Pay the amount either by e-banking or by credit card (payment by credit card requires successful verification)

The minimum investment is CHF 450, which corresponds to 50 shares. After that, the number of shares is freely selectable. We offer additional premiums from a certain number of shares.

Please log in to your Conda profile to do so. At “Account overview” and “My orders” you have the choice between bank transfer or credit card. The transfer via IBAN is made to an account of Lemonway SAS.

Those who invest can also look forward to rewards: from Foxtrail tickets and discounts, to Explorial Lifetime Tickets or a meeting with one of the Creative Directors, to your own Foxtrail post.

After the campaign is completed, we will send out the rewards, which are available at different investment levels. You can see the exact levels on our campaign page at

Information about the Explorial mother company

Foxtrail has been part of the Central Outdoor Group since 2018, which directly operates Foxtrail in Germany, Canada, England and Portugal, in addition to Switzerland. Central Outdoor also licenses the Foxtrail product in Berlin, Rome, Paris and Helsinki.

In addition to Foxtrail, Central Outdoor also develops and operates the Explorial product and employs over 60 people mainly in Switzerland but also worldwide. The group is based in Lucerne and is a Swiss public limited company.

With Foxtrail and Explorial, Central Outdoor Group aims to offer unique leisure & tourism experiences and create experiences and memories for active people. We currently reach over 180’000 people annually with our 200 Trails & Tours in over 120 cities in 20 countries.

We aim to grow to over 3’000 tours & trails by the end of 2028 and increase our participants to 1.4 million people annually.

Our growth target, supported by the investors of the crowdfunding, is to have a total of more than 3,000 Foxtrails and Explorials in operation in Switzerland and worldwide by the end of 2028. The goal is not taken out of thin air, but rather the continuation of the expansion we have embarked on as of mid-2022.

In this way, we want to offer people unique outdoor experiences where they can have fun together and enjoy the surroundings.

Until now, Central Outdoor Group had no external investors. That is why we are especially pleased to be the first to offer our community the chance to become an investor and co-owner.

No, an IPO is not planned as of now. The plan is that all owners will have a financial return either in the form of profit sharing (dividend) or enterprise value sharing (sale). However, we will re-evaluate the additional option of an IPO at a later date, depending on the future.

Investment and risks

In principle, you could lose your invested capital in the worst case. But we don’t want that at all and work with heart and soul every day to bring the two brands Foxtrail and Explorial further.

Of course, we cannot predict the future, but we have strongly factored in the results of the expansion over the last 18 months into our growth strategy. By the end of 2028, we expect to

Expansion of our tours & trails by a factor of 15
More participants by a factor of 7
Increase in sales by a factor of 3

This reflects a conservative planning as the factors of the last 18 months are higher.

The growth strategy is financed from the operating business performance, equity and the investments of the crowdinvest campaign.

Your investment will mainly be invested in new trails & tours, further digitalization of processes and the connection of new sales platforms.

We cannot promise you a return on your investment. As soon as Central Outdoor Group distributes a profit, you profit directly from it.

How much profit is distributed per share is decided by the general meeting. Often shares also experience an increase in value due to the increase in value of the company. We cannot predict or guarantee whether an increase in value will occur in future years. We can only promise that we will work hard to achieve it.

The shares have a 3-year holding period after issue, during which they cannot be sold. However, we will take a closer look at various options so that the shares can also be sold and transferred individually in the future, if necessary, after the holding period.

Specifically, we want to digitize the shares and then make them tradable via a suitable platform. But even without a platform, the sale after the holding period is possible. A buyer would have to be found without a platform or trading exchange or you can offer us the shares, whereby there is no right of redemption.

Become part of the success story!

We carry out the crowdfunding together with our partner, which has already successfully carried out several crowdfunding campaigns in Switzerland.